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My 澳门电子城平台网址 病人门户

My 澳门电子城平台网址 Patient Portal Logo
At 澳门电子城平台网址, we know access to your medical results is important to you. Providing the most up-to-date access in a secure, online environment is important to us.

Whether you are a patient at the medical center or one of our medical group practices, use the appropriate portal to:

  • Review your medical history
  • Review upcoming appointments and/or schedule a new appointments
  • 检查实验室结果
  • 支付
  • 和更多的!


Records of your inpatient hospital and/or surgery summary, labs and radiology results, discharge instructions and pay your bill on-line.

If you are looking to access your records or create an account for care that you received at 澳门电子城平台网址 Medical Center, 点击下面的按钮:



You can also access the portal by clicking the link on this page or by downloading the mobile app. Download the app in either the App Store for iPhone users or the Google Play Store for Android. 搜索 for “MEDITECH M健康" in either store and then download the app to your phone.

My 澳门电子城平台网址 Patient Portal Logo

My 澳门电子城平台网址 Patient Portal Logo My 澳门电子城平台网址 Patient Portal Logo

For more information specific to the medical center patient portal, or to view our Frequently Asked Questions, 点击这里.

Click here for the 护理giver Proxy Form

If you need assistance with the patient portal, please call 410.535.8396.


If you are looking to access your records or set up an account for care that you received at one of our 澳门电子城平台网址 Medical Group practices: 澳门电子城平台网址 初级护理, 澳门电子城平台网址 产科 & 妇科, 澳门电子城平台网址 乳房中心, 澳门电子城平台网址 血管手术, 澳门电子城平台网址 血液学 & 肿瘤学 or 澳门电子城平台网址 普通外科, 点击下面的按钮:


For help with your Portal please contact your Providers office directly:

腓特烈王子- 410.535.4488
双海滩- 410.257.7279

产科 & 妇科 - 410.414.4740
血液学 & 肿瘤学 - 410.414.9116
Center for 血管 护理 - 410.414.2790
胃肠病学 - 410.535.7630
乳房护理中心 - 410.414.4700
普通外科 - 410.414.9017
代谢 & 减肥手术 - 410.535.8195

When you call your providers office, select option #1 from the menu to reach the front desk.

In order to comply with the “No Surprises Act” regulations, the following link provides information for 护理First/NCAS Machine Readable Data for the self-insured medical plan operated by 澳门电子城平台网址 for their enrolled participants.
Machine Readable Data | 护理First BlueCross BlueShield